Sunday, February 1, 2009

first xD

omii. its my first blog ever in history.! haha.So wow,! I'm tired of surfing at Friendster, so here I am, finally transferring to multiply and trying to make a blog! I mean, I've already planned to have this since last year, i guess. but since I was busy with school and stuff, I haven't had the heart to update this and now I think is the time to do all the work. Well, I don't really consider this work since this is actually... fun!And... since my parents not here to watch over me when I'm using my notebook, then I guess I'll be bringing my notebook more often wherever I go! Loads of fun this 2k9...we'll be having a prom on feb.6.. this coming friday.. omii. sounds exciting! Right. Whatev.So anyway, got to upload more stuff. Ciao!

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