Thursday, February 12, 2009

yellow is my color 2day:D :D

okeeei. 'cause of my laziness.. tgal q d nkkpagblog :)), waaa. akla q tlga ma2lasin aq neun day na 2.. duh-eer xii panaginip q e. ahas? omii.. :S .. so, hows my day? great xD .. happy aman so far :D .. aun. dme rn nag audxon sa baila. ktuwa cla JJ at do2ng. so nakapasa cla :D .. waw. :D soo. were glad that inspite of "haggardness" haha. for our monthly test in CVE. we got 92 out of 100.. :)) so hapee. ddnt expct it :D .. uhh. our swimmng lesson is on march 14 and 22 i think? .. waaa. :)) .. next wik, we will be having our monthly exam.. then foundaxon! waa. xcting.. :D .. no lessons :D .. yeah :D ..omii. i rmmbrd a whle ago in our rum.. shocking,, :O ,.. waaar between my 2 clasm8s.. gosh,. katakot cla :)) but anyway xD, i need to go na.. haha :)) bye. ♥ muah,,

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