Tuesday, February 17, 2009

borrrriiiiiiinggg :S

waa. sorry for not blogging this past few days.. im just too bo0o0red of doing such things.. zow, how's my past few days? well. kinda great beacause of someone? jooke. just kidding. hahaha.. im VERY happy wid my friends. :D circle of friends,skulmates,chorvas,baila and of course my family... hahah :)) omii, LESSONS? DISCUSSIONS?it sucks! .. hahaha. especially to some of our teachers. ayt JOBEE,PRUTKEYK and RAWR? hahaha.. speaking of, yiikez. there's a lizard near in our computer.. yikezz. is miss *toooot* hir?? hahaha,.. EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS! omii,. im goin; crazy! hahaha.. too baad. well anyway, the bday of my 4th brother dear is near coming. (feb19)as well the bday of my lola :D .. i hope, we will be having a fun espcially wid my cuszins. i miss them so. :D .. and the bday of *someone. (feb.21) .. hahaha.. :D hus dat?..(curious? :-? ) hahaha. .. waa. its already 4th quarter,it will b a busy quarter for us. REQUIREMENTS! CLEARANCE!tsssk. i hate it.. den were goin' 4th yr.. omiii. the days and time are really fast. ugggh- what i am thinking?damn.. hahah :)) .. well anyway. i'll end up this. tirrreeed .


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