Saturday, February 14, 2009

champion xD

wee. champ knna ang CSA basktbol .. hehe :) .. aun. apee valentines day seniung lahat xDD hahaha.. prang GM lan e. tsssk.. waa. d baloon dat BOGz (raymart) gave to me was !POP! by my long nails . hahaha.saaad :( .. xD .. zow, mornin:we had a 3nning...after dat, me wid chorvz went to pacita to bought the flowers for danielle from patrick :D .. den we ate our luch in greenwich. yummmy! .. so, after dat. me and gold watch basketbol and the CSA won! .. woo. xD .. kulllit ni gold knna. kausap q xii c t0o0o0o0t. hahah :)) .. tapos sbe pa nla dadi, cguro daw may date aq? ngeee, as if aman :)) goodghurl ata 2. (weeeeeh?_) hahahahah .. uhm,too boring. haha. omii. yesterday was the fri d 13.. malas tlga, but enough of dat,.,. im happy na. xii my charger was in comp lab. mrs. cabz saw it. and thankfully, she kept it :D .. peo sa monday q pa mku2ha. pahrapan magtx anwla.. hahaha :)) bbyee :D

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