Friday, February 27, 2009


waaa. omii.. i had so much fun for this we were xcused for a practice on our concert play but un4tntly, sir ads didnt cme.. JAMMING. blaaah,, den we were dissmsd around 10. too early. :)) .. den we went to ATC wid edz and raymart, HUNGGRRRRY! we ate our lunch in burger king.. yum! takaw n raymart.. tas pic2re, laugh3p sa s2dio.. hahaha :)) ..astiig nun pic nmen.hahaha. den TIMEZOOONE :D .. waa. drums,basketball,deal or no deal,kinda dance revo. labiit :D .. (c raymart, bato2 pix daw kme sa deal or no deal.. hm. pwde ba magbato2 pix ang 3 tao?) .. hahaha :)) .. den. aun.. pmunta dn cla sir ads,sir edmon,adrian and patrick sa atc :D chika2, den gala ulit kme 3,..den,nkta pa nga nmen c eignman ba un.. hahaha.. bsta :D ..haahah. tas dmating cla ate path and kuya ken ..den pnta na kme FESTi.. omii.sarap nla ksma. :)) hahaha.. xcite :D bump car.. uhyeah :D ..tska PiXiE :D funhouse :) .. hahaha. den gala2... tas nlbre kme n ate pat ng ICECREAM sa kenny :D .. yiee. laugh3p parn.. lalo na un 2big na hninge n ate pat.. woooooooohhhw. flower vase dw? hahaha. :)) .. tas aun. bago umuwe. fud3p muna sa dr.kwek2.. hahaha. un sisiw.. prang eeewy, peo SARAAAAP pla :D .. yum. :) hahaha.. tas aun. TOM's WORLD. :D .. waaa./ saia.. LAROOOOO :D .. waa. aun. uwian tym. ksbay q c kuya ken pauwe .. nilibre pa aq pmshe pauwe.. waaa.peo tambay muna sa ministop sa paseo :D .. lamon mode... kwn2han... tas nlibre nea aq icecream.. yey :D .. tas aun. hnted aq sa jip pauwe. :D baeeet :D .. hmm.. waaa. grbe saia aman nitong day :D .. saraap nla ksma.. laugh3p :D .. hahahah. :)) ..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

borrrriiiiiiinggg :S

waa. sorry for not blogging this past few days.. im just too bo0o0red of doing such things.. zow, how's my past few days? well. kinda great beacause of someone? jooke. just kidding. hahaha.. im VERY happy wid my friends. :D circle of friends,skulmates,chorvas,baila and of course my family... hahah :)) omii, LESSONS? DISCUSSIONS?it sucks! .. hahaha. especially to some of our teachers. ayt JOBEE,PRUTKEYK and RAWR? hahaha.. speaking of, yiikez. there's a lizard near in our computer.. yikezz. is miss *toooot* hir?? hahaha,.. EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS! omii,. im goin; crazy! hahaha.. too baad. well anyway, the bday of my 4th brother dear is near coming. (feb19)as well the bday of my lola :D .. i hope, we will be having a fun espcially wid my cuszins. i miss them so. :D .. and the bday of *someone. (feb.21) .. hahaha.. :D hus dat?..(curious? :-? ) hahaha. .. waa. its already 4th quarter,it will b a busy quarter for us. REQUIREMENTS! CLEARANCE!tsssk. i hate it.. den were goin' 4th yr.. omiii. the days and time are really fast. ugggh- what i am thinking?damn.. hahah :)) .. well anyway. i'll end up this. tirrreeed .


Saturday, February 14, 2009

champion xD

wee. champ knna ang CSA basktbol .. hehe :) .. aun. apee valentines day seniung lahat xDD hahaha.. prang GM lan e. tsssk.. waa. d baloon dat BOGz (raymart) gave to me was !POP! by my long nails . hahaha.saaad :( .. xD .. zow, mornin:we had a 3nning...after dat, me wid chorvz went to pacita to bought the flowers for danielle from patrick :D .. den we ate our luch in greenwich. yummmy! .. so, after dat. me and gold watch basketbol and the CSA won! .. woo. xD .. kulllit ni gold knna. kausap q xii c t0o0o0o0t. hahah :)) .. tapos sbe pa nla dadi, cguro daw may date aq? ngeee, as if aman :)) goodghurl ata 2. (weeeeeh?_) hahahahah .. uhm,too boring. haha. omii. yesterday was the fri d 13.. malas tlga, but enough of dat,.,. im happy na. xii my charger was in comp lab. mrs. cabz saw it. and thankfully, she kept it :D .. peo sa monday q pa mku2ha. pahrapan magtx anwla.. hahaha :)) bbyee :D

'[ janee.pigee ]'

Thursday, February 12, 2009

yellow is my color 2day:D :D

okeeei. 'cause of my laziness.. tgal q d nkkpagblog :)), waaa. akla q tlga ma2lasin aq neun day na 2.. duh-eer xii panaginip q e. ahas? omii.. :S .. so, hows my day? great xD .. happy aman so far :D .. aun. dme rn nag audxon sa baila. ktuwa cla JJ at do2ng. so nakapasa cla :D .. waw. :D soo. were glad that inspite of "haggardness" haha. for our monthly test in CVE. we got 92 out of 100.. :)) so hapee. ddnt expct it :D .. uhh. our swimmng lesson is on march 14 and 22 i think? .. waaa. :)) .. next wik, we will be having our monthly exam.. then foundaxon! waa. xcting.. :D .. no lessons :D .. yeah :D ..omii. i rmmbrd a whle ago in our rum.. shocking,, :O ,.. waaar between my 2 clasm8s.. gosh,. katakot cla :)) but anyway xD, i need to go na.. haha :)) bye. ♥ muah,,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

is there a reason for me to be happy?

okeeei. zow, how's my title? .wag emotera! bawal eun.. hahaha! .. niweizz.. maghapon aqu za pc tas neun lan aqu nkpag blog neun day. pamatay xii pag upload sa multi. hahaha.. tas cra aman FS nmen. watda?! haaay. em bo0o0o0o0ored :( .. may hangover pa ata aq za prom? nyaaay .. haay. ghe2. tnatmad na quh,,, waa.


waa. ubeeer saia. so much fun.! peo bitin.. hahaha !! .. waa. mamats sa mga nksyaw q. en sa ezekiel, ubeeer saia especially wid my circle of friends :D :D .. ENJOY to the max.! party pips.. :D :D ..haaay. im tired na. just dropping by. ghe2.. slyp na me. gdnayt! .. :D ..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

gothic dw? =))

hahaha. okeeiii. so my nails are in black :)) .. so it will match "daw" to my gown at mas lalo aq mputing tngan.. oha, may cmplment aman :D ..sbe ng manicurista. :)) hahaha.. d hell. tas c extrang kuya reiden, gothic daw? hahaha.. amp. tas he asked me, cnu dw date q? ahem. as if aman.. heheh. :)) .. loko2 tlga un. but he's nice kuya aman e.. pslmt xa, bstfrnd xa ng kuya bri q. haha :)) .. waaa. gdlack 2m. omii..haaay. im nervouz, not excted.. : .. hahaha.. waaa. BRB xDD

morneen xDD

go0dmorneen!! ..wee don't have classes 2day because of binan day. yahoo!! .. rawr. :O .. my friends are not yet online. aww. maybe they are still sleeping. heheh. I'm now surfing in their dresses looks very nice and sexy. hahaha. :)) .. i hope my "manicurista" will come earlier. waaa.. BRB :D .. im boreeeeeed >:p

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

huwaaat? xDD

woo. whatta.. i saw the bruises of my kuya as well of his BEST of bstfrnd--kuya reiden. (bsta smthng hppnd,na mppnta pa ata sa korte. un may hearing churva) .. hahaha. magksma tlga cla sa hirap at gnhawa. grbe, they were friends since grade 6, until now they are almost 19 yrs old i think.. nakoo. prang 5th kuya q na nga ean e. kun hnde mu cla kla2, pra clang magxota dhel sa super tight ng frndxps. tinde.. hahaha. aun. hir nagslyp kuya reiden. as always.. hahaha. :D ..grbe mga sugat nla.. omiii.. :S .. its past 11 na pla, im listening to the songs that will be play for the prom. very awesome and lovely :D ..okeii. la na me ma'say. tomo na let :D .. hahaha. muah.

no comment >:p

okeeeiii. xDD .. watta day! .. we had our open forum within the class. i dont think so if everything is already cleared.. but i hope so, everything is already fine..I don’t want to talk anymore about this. Its the time to forget for what happend. anyway, 2 more days. PROM na!! omii.. we dont have classes tomo so, i will have my manicure and pedicure as well. our invitaxon and CD are already given a while ago. omii. we had the practice for entrance in the prom. ooow. im not quite excited for the prom. I dont know why.. but i hope so, it will be a very memorable night for me.. waaa. urrrgh. my 4th bro was been accident. beacause of being drunk. he has fought someon..i dont know the whole story. but i hope so. everything will be na me ma'say.. BRB.. xDD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SQUARE of friends xD

hahaha. our section was so quiet on this day.. panu ka ba nman mkkapag-ingay, kun ang academic cnclor e naka'observed seniu the whole day? hahah. some of my teachers are quite nervous but some are just cool and relax.. so hows my day? quite happy. but ABSOLUTELY and DEFINETLY 100% happy wid my square of friends :)) hahaha.. aun. may meeting ang baila.. that's why i got home late. aww. fucking homeworks? hate it.. we'll be having a group report tom. in computer.. urrrgh poverty! so much expnses to pay .. arrrh- the cost of the speedball pen is really expensive.. but it is really needed and at least, fun to do.. then i also pay my debts for the fund in baila. and i also need to pay to my mom for my debts from load. hahaha :)) there's a sub for our subject-SS .. rawr. LESSONS.LESSONS.LESSONS.. so discusting. x( ..ill be back :D .. ill just eat my dinner first. :D ..

Monday, February 2, 2009

pocky.LOVE ♥

omii. i lav this! .. pocky sticks.. xD
o'cmon.. try it! .. :))

pout :X

what a tiring day.. anyway, woo.! 3 of our teachers were not present. cool. todo daldalan itech! but a shocking news we heard about our co-Augustinian, it just happened a while ago. he with his driver were ambushed. its so sad to imagine because the guy is just in 2nd year high, but good thing. his situation is now stable but their driver died. awww.. the father of the student is part of the demolishing team, they taught that the one who is driving in the car was that father.. prayers are really powerful that's why they need more prayers for their safety and successful recovery for the child.

woo.. jusel told me a song a while ago. it is entitled "LOVE STORY" by Taylor Swift. it is a really nice song and has a beautiful meaning. the lyrics of the song goes like this:

We were both young when I first saw youI close my eyes and the flashback starts.I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air.See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.See you make your way through the crowd.And say hello, little did I know.That you were Romeo.You were throwing pebbles.And my daddy said stay away from Juliet.And I was crying on the staircase.Begging you please don't goAnd I saidRomeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run.You'll be the prince and I'll be the princessIt's a love story, baby, just say yes.So I sneak out to the garden to see you.We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew.So close your eyes, escape this town for a little while.Oh, oh, oh'Cause you were Romeo,I was a scarlet letter.And my daddy said stay away from Juliet.But you were everything to me.I was begging you please don't go.And I saidRomeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run.You'll be the prince and I'll be the princessIt's a love story, baby, just say yesRomeo, save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel.This love is difficult, but it's real.Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess.It's a love story, baby, just say yesI got tired of waiting, wondering if you were ever coming around.My faith in you was fading.When I met you on the out skirts of town.And I saidRomeo save me, I've been feeling so aloneI keep waiting for you but you never comeIs this in my head, I don't know what to think.He knelt to the ground and he pulled out a ringAnd saidMarry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be aloneI love you and that's all I really knowI talked to your dad, you'll pick out a white dressIt's a love story, baby, just say yes.Oh, oh, oh, ohWe were both young when I first saw you.
--aww. so sweeet :D .. i download it in limewire so i can put it on my phone. love it! ..

omiii. we will be having an observation tom. with our academic councilor for the whole day.. well, goodluck to our class. hahaha :)) uugh- still, we don't have the FS .. so irritating.! that's why i look forward to multiply. and here in blogspot. um waiting my blue and cupcake to OL. heheh.. :D

im over with CRAZYKART. im fun playing JAMLEGEND right now. hahaha.. xDD ..
i'll just fix my multi .. BRB xD


Sunday, February 1, 2009

first xD

omii. its my first blog ever in history.! haha.So wow,! I'm tired of surfing at Friendster, so here I am, finally transferring to multiply and trying to make a blog! I mean, I've already planned to have this since last year, i guess. but since I was busy with school and stuff, I haven't had the heart to update this and now I think is the time to do all the work. Well, I don't really consider this work since this is actually... fun!And... since my parents not here to watch over me when I'm using my notebook, then I guess I'll be bringing my notebook more often wherever I go! Loads of fun this 2k9...we'll be having a prom on feb.6.. this coming friday.. omii. sounds exciting! Right. Whatev.So anyway, got to upload more stuff. Ciao!