Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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okeeeiii. xDD .. watta day! .. we had our open forum within the class. i dont think so if everything is already cleared.. but i hope so, everything is already fine..I don’t want to talk anymore about this. Its the time to forget for what happend. anyway, 2 more days. PROM na!! omii.. we dont have classes tomo so, i will have my manicure and pedicure as well. our invitaxon and CD are already given a while ago. omii. we had the practice for entrance in the prom. ooow. im not quite excited for the prom. I dont know why.. but i hope so, it will be a very memorable night for me.. waaa. urrrgh. my 4th bro was been accident. beacause of being drunk. he has fought someon..i dont know the whole story. but i hope so. everything will be na me ma'say.. BRB.. xDD

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