Wednesday, February 4, 2009

huwaaat? xDD

woo. whatta.. i saw the bruises of my kuya as well of his BEST of bstfrnd--kuya reiden. (bsta smthng hppnd,na mppnta pa ata sa korte. un may hearing churva) .. hahaha. magksma tlga cla sa hirap at gnhawa. grbe, they were friends since grade 6, until now they are almost 19 yrs old i think.. nakoo. prang 5th kuya q na nga ean e. kun hnde mu cla kla2, pra clang magxota dhel sa super tight ng frndxps. tinde.. hahaha. aun. hir nagslyp kuya reiden. as always.. hahaha. :D ..grbe mga sugat nla.. omiii.. :S .. its past 11 na pla, im listening to the songs that will be play for the prom. very awesome and lovely :D ..okeii. la na me ma'say. tomo na let :D .. hahaha. muah.

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