Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SQUARE of friends xD

hahaha. our section was so quiet on this day.. panu ka ba nman mkkapag-ingay, kun ang academic cnclor e naka'observed seniu the whole day? hahah. some of my teachers are quite nervous but some are just cool and relax.. so hows my day? quite happy. but ABSOLUTELY and DEFINETLY 100% happy wid my square of friends :)) hahaha.. aun. may meeting ang baila.. that's why i got home late. aww. fucking homeworks? hate it.. we'll be having a group report tom. in computer.. urrrgh poverty! so much expnses to pay .. arrrh- the cost of the speedball pen is really expensive.. but it is really needed and at least, fun to do.. then i also pay my debts for the fund in baila. and i also need to pay to my mom for my debts from load. hahaha :)) there's a sub for our subject-SS .. rawr. LESSONS.LESSONS.LESSONS.. so discusting. x( ..ill be back :D .. ill just eat my dinner first. :D ..

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